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With the new episode airing tomorrow, I just thought of giving my thoughts on the official series of Bee & Puppycat so far. won't be too surprising when I say that I'm absolutely loving it so far. The best way to describe it is that's it's like a blend of Adventure Time, Sailor Moon, and even Kiki's Delivery Service. It really takes advantage of it's premise and uses it to it's full potential. Allowing for many possibilities and creative worlds, concepts, and scenarios. Another thing that I like is how lovable a character Bee is. I think what helps make a main character great is giving him or her a struggle that literally anyone can relate too. Like finding a good job that best suits you. Trust me, after the long year of job searching, I can REALLY emphasize with what Bee's going through. That and the fact that she's socially awkward when I can be like that at times. It's what makes her such an endearing relateable character. And on top of that the other characters are really likable. Puppycat (Ignoring his volcaloid voice) makes for a very entertaining sidekick having some of the best jokes, Deckard's a really likable love interest to Bee, Temp-Bot's very quirky and even has fun interactions with the main stars, the list goes on.

If there are some nit-picks I have for it, 2 do come to mind. For one, I was surprised that the series art-style looked vastly different to the pilot's. But then again, it is pretty common for pilot's to have art-styles that would change once the official series starts, and I did get use to it. It's still Bee & Puppycat at the end of the day. Another practice I don't really get is divided a story into two episodes. Is it to get more views, or just to add more hype? Well, I'm sure they have their reasons. But like I said, this is just nitpicking.

One more thing I would like to talk about is it's connection to Adventure Time. Now, I don't have anything against that show, I just never found the interest or motive to check it out. But since Natasha Allegri started out on Adventure Time, it does give me that form of appreciation for it. So much so, that I might even consider giving it a chance further down the line.

So yeah, if you haven't seen the show yet, I do highly recommend it. Chances are you won't regret doing so.…



United States
Hi, I'm an aspiring artist and writer. I'm hoping to start a manga-esque graphic novel series about the lives of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

Here are some 10 random facts about me.

1. I have aspergers syndrome. But don't worry, I don't use it to excuse being a jerk, which I'm usually not.
2. I have a Christian background, but I consider myself more spiritual than religious these days.
3. I don't judge people for their race, belief, sexuality, etc. Just only on their behavior.
4. One series that I'm planning on making a manga-esque comic series is centered around people with certain disorders, mainly autism. And you can find most of the characters I created in my gallery.
5. My old username was "haruhiandkanonfan917", but this was back when I was hugely obsessed with those two animes, and I wasn't really creative with usernames. Now my username is based off my hair style and my anime fandom, and the 917 is based off my birthday.
6. I have my fetishes, but they're more moderate and normal compared to ones that are just gross or obscure.
7. I also love different kinds of animation besides anime. Like hand-drawn, stop motion, computer animation and more. One other art form I love is puppetry, mainly with Jim Henson.
8. My mentality was pretty different in 2011, but nowadays I'm more calm and respectful.
9. Aside from two titles, I'm not that into modern cartoons. Mainly because they either suck or don't interest me. Or the fact I rarely watch TV these days.
10. If you wanna do an Art Trade or Request, wait till I make a journal taking them. But unless I'm going through an art block, you can ask for one anytime.



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