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Well, it's that time again that I go over animes I've watched the past couple of months and give my brief thoughts on them. I gotta say, some of the titles I'll be listing have really entertained me so much, that they've earned their respective spots on my Top 30 list. So much so that I feel like doing full reviews on them on MyAnimeList. So, enough stalling and lets go down the list shall we?

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (7/10)

The word to describe this series is cute. Unconditionally cute. Like, Oh my God, I could just eat this series up. Not only that, but it's also really charming and likable. The misadventures of a little girl named Saga who's the only one who can see a bunch of fairy creatures who are training to find their "Twinkles" makes for a very cute and charming little show. I especially like how the design of Sugar reminded me a lot of Di Gi Charat. If there's one nitpick I have is the fact that Saga and Sugar's constant bickering in the first few episodes can get pretty grating. But what makes up for it is their character development and just how enjoyable the characters can be. Two special things I like to mention is the ending theme. It's just one of the most beautiful songs I've heard come from an anime, that and, I actually give it credit for having somewhat of a bittersweet ending. So if you're into not too cutesy shows, this might be just for you.

Little Busters! (7/10)

As a Key fan, this was a must see for me and......well, I can safely say that it's kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, it has a lot going for. A setup full of emotional possibilities and it's not something Key would usually do, that and a lot of the characters are completely likable and some of their story arcs are some of the most well written and realistic they've ever done.....but on the other hand, it has a lot of filler episodes that don't contribute anything to the main story, other story arcs can get really confusing with their unexplained magical element that Key's kinda infamous for and....I feel that it kinda suffers from character overload. That or they could easily replace those filler episodes with an actual story arc. So in a nutshell, there's a lot to like and a lot to dislike about the series. Not Key's greatest work, but still serviceable in my opinion. And yes, I'm going to see the second series once it's dubbed.

Black Lagoon (8/10)

Now this was one hell of an entertaining show. It's almost like Cowboy Bebop meets Grand Theft Auto. The action was solid, the stories were very unforgettable, the dub was one of the best I've heard, and a lot of the characters were some of the most entertaining in an action show. Particularly the females. Revy, Roberta, Balalakia, Elda, and many more were very gun happy and independent and many action animes should take notes from them. Though the male characters were also enjoyable. Rock was an interestingly well developed character, Dutch was a major badass, and Benny made for a fun tech-guy. Shame he had the least amount of screen-time of the main cast. As much as I really enjoyed it, it's definitely not for everyone. Where something like Cowboy Bebop was surprisingly laid back and mild with it's violence and profanity, Black Lagoon can get freakin' insane. I can't recall one episode where the characters didn't light up a cigarette, drop multiple f-bombs, and mane other bad-guys in very brutal ways. But still, it's a fun turn off your brain kinda show.

Eden of the East (8/10)

I was actually really excited to see this once watching the trailer. It had an interesting premise, a gorgeous art style, and very interesting visuals. What I got.....was good, but something that could've been better. There's nothing too wrong with the show. It has two likable leads, very interesting side characters, and the fact that Oasis sang the theme song made it very special compared to other anime openings. But....the problems with it are ones you here almost everyone make. It's a bit underdeveloped, some story elements aren't ever explained, and I feel it could've been a lot longer like say, 24 episodes. But no, the creators thought it was best to jump on the Evangelion band wagon by finishing the story with two theatrical movies. But those are movies for another journal. But as it is, it's still worth watching, but it could've been something better.

Kill Me Baby (7/10)

Without a doubt, one of the funniest slice of life comedies JC Staff has done. The dynamic between Soyna and Oribe was hilarious,Agiri Goshiki makes for a funny ninja like character, and the Unused character, I was actually rooting for her to play a big part in one episodes. But it's the Will. E Coyote effect, it's just funnier to see her fall flat on her face. I also really liked the opening and ending themes for being very energetic and they fit the show's tone well. Yeah, I watch a lot of slice of life animes but really, they're freaking everywhere. And most of the time, they're very entertaining. But this isn't the only one I've seen by JC Staff this year....

Toradora! (8/10)

One of JC Staff's most popular works and after watching it, I can definitely see why. It really knows how to take all these cliches we've seen done to death in these kinds of animes, and make them feel very brand new with their clever and well excepted spin on them. Taiga is what I like to call Louise the Zero done right. She's a character I usually hate but her back-story is what makes her endearing in a way, that and her personalty is a riot. Ryuuji's one of the most likable and very sympathetic anime main characters I've ever seen, Minori was just a delight to watch every-time she was on screen, Yuusaku was also very charming, and Ami....while my least favorite, still has her depth. Special mention goes to Ryuuji's mom Yasuko for being the most hilarious and well written widowed parent since Ranka from Ouran High School Host Club. Do I think it's the most well written romance anime? No. (That distinction goes to Ah! My Goddess) But I will say that it comes in a very close second.

Tamako Market (7/10)

At the end of the day, it's just your run of the mill KyoAni slice of life. But with that said, I think it's more entertaining than K-On. Why? has a talking bird, who's easily the best character. That and the fact that it focuses around a Japanese market makes it feel more fresh than your typical school life. Tamako's a likable lead, and Shiori probably the second best character, but the cast does lack depth, which keeps this show from being something special. But, if your a fan of this type of series, you can give it a try.

Space Dandy (9/10)

Oh hell yeah, did I love the first season to this show. Dandy, Meow and QT (While not my favorite anime trio of all time) are still tons of fun to watch, each episode had a very fun and creative set-up, the animation is very colorful and fun to look at, and the dub I think is one of the best Funimation has done. Especially how it came out before the Sub believe it or not. The best way to describe this show is what would happen if Cowboy Bebop made love to Gurren Lagann and really, I couldn't think of a much more awesome combination. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's my pick for anime of the year. As well as another great gateway anime. I just can't wait for both season 2 and the DVD release.

Steins;Gate (9/10)

Here's another Sci-Fi show I really loved. All the people who praised it, they weren't kidding. It's almost a near masterpiece. The characters were memorable and fun, the time-travel was the most accurate and well thought out take on it, and the second and third half got me completely invested and on the edge of my seat. Sure the first half is slow but I think it's warranted so you can know the characters a lot more so you can feel for them once shit hits the fan. Okabe's by far one of the most entertaining and well developed characters I've ever seen. He's the heart of the show, and one of J. Michael Tatum's best roles. I didn't enjoy it quite as much as Space Dandy, but it's still really incredible in it's own right. A must watch for any Sci-Fi fan.

Ef: A Tale of Memories (9/10)

Probably my favorite non Key visual novel based anime series. If there's one thing it has over most Key shows is that it's more easier to follow and the more mystical side is less convoluted. That and the characters are so likable. Chihiro has become one of my favorite female anime characters, as well as one of my favorite Monica Rial roles. Renji and Hiro were great male leads, and Kei and Miyako were very well developed and sympathetic. It's not too often an anime touches my heart with two different but somehow connected story lines. So if you're a fan of animes based off visual novels, then this won't disappoint you.

And that's every anime I've seen from February to just recently. Look out for my journal of anime films I've also recently seen coming right up.

Note: I starting doing this journal much earlier, but had a hard time getting further into it until later on. I'm just that easily distracted. So just know that my mood doesn't suggest I'm having a midnight snack at the moment.



United States
Hi, I'm an aspiring artist and writer. I'm hoping to start a manga-esque graphic novel series about the lives of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

Here are some 10 random facts about me.

1. I have aspergers syndrome. But don't worry, I don't use it to excuse being a jerk, which I'm usually not.
2. I have a Christian background, but I consider myself more spiritual than religious these days.
3. I don't judge people for their race, belief, sexuality, etc. Just only on their behavior.
4. One series that I'm planning on making a manga-esque comic series is centered around people with certain disorders, mainly autism. And you can find most of the characters I created in my gallery.
5. My old username was "haruhiandkanonfan917", but this was back when I was hugely obsessed with those two animes, and I wasn't really creative with usernames. Now my username is based off my hair style and my anime fandom, and the 917 is based off my birthday.
6. I have my fetishes, but they're more moderate and normal compared to ones that are just gross or obscure.
7. I also love different kinds of animation besides anime. Like hand-drawn, stop motion, computer animation and more. One other art form I love is puppetry, mainly with Jim Henson.
8. My mentality was pretty different in 2011, but nowadays I'm more calm and respectful.
9. Aside from two titles, I'm not that into modern cartoons. Mainly because they either suck or don't interest me. Or the fact I rarely watch TV these days.
10. If you wanna do an Art Trade or Request, wait till I make a journal taking them. But unless I'm going through an art block, you can ask for one anytime.



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