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For a while now I've been more exposed to all the hate towards MrEnter. While he's a guy I can't defend for most of his screw ups, he's also someone I can't hate either due to my empathy for the guy. After all, he too deals with Aspergers Syndrome, and goes through some of the same struggles as me. But after seeing the worst of his hatedom, it made me realize how much insulting autism is more common than I let on. As embarrassing as it wasn't until recently when I realized what "Sperg" really means...

I know it's not any different when "gay" or "retard" are used as insults, but this just insults me on a more personal level. Perhaps even more when it comes to religious beliefs. In fact, you know how YouTube Atheists mock religious people, and use Religious Extremists to excuse their own extremism? Well, it's pretty much the same thing here. Except these people use Chris Chan or 03bgood to excuse them mocking autistic people. Two morons who use Autism as a crutch and don't do the Spectrum any justice. Even worse, they even make bullshit stereotypes. Like most would associate the Brony fandom with Autism.....Yeah that's kinda become another reason I distance myself from the show and fandom. (No offense to my Brony friends) Yes, I'm aware there are lots of Bronies who are autistic, but that doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is like that. Plenty of them are normal functioning. That's like saying every anime fan is a basement dweller who cuddles with body pillows. It's just not true! And this also applies to other supposed "Autism Magnets", like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Another thing that pisses me off is how they compare Autism to Retardation. Saying that anyone with Aspergers can't amount to any form of success. You know, by saying that you're pretty much trash talking the following people....
NOTE: Some are only speculated to be Autistic.

Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Mozart, H.P. Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, Howard Hughes, Marylin Monroe, Satoshi Tajiri (Creator of Pokemon), Jim Henson, Charles Schultz, Owl City, Bill Gates, and Andy Warhol just to name a few.

Though it be one thing that a bunch of lowlife trolls insult Autistic People, but we actually have organizations like Autism Speaks that claim to be speaking for Autism, when really they're to Autism what Kirk Cameron is to Christianity. It's gotten to a point where some of their practices make them comparable to The Third Freaking Reich! Oh don't believe me, well you can take a look at MrEnter's takes on them. (Though prepare to feel VERY uncomfortable...)

Now look, I'm not trying to say that Autistic People have never done any idiotic action or acted very irrational. As my childhood was full of times like that. Heck even in my High School years, but making fun of Autism and people diagnosed with it is just low and disgusting. And no, excusing it with Chris-Chan doesn't make it better. This is a major reason why I want to make Aspie Circle a thing. To be a good advocate for people with Autism, and to show that it shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. As plenty of good can come from Autism. Which makes me more determined to get College done.

So in a nutshell, don't be a dick towards the Autistic....



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Hi, I'm an aspiring artist and writer. I'm hoping to start a manga-esque graphic novel series about the lives of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

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