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Well, after nearly 18 months of Volunteer work at the library, and a nearly a full year of job searching, I finally found the County Rehab Center. Yeah....might not be the BEST job to have, but at this's better than nothing. I will admit, I'm not too comfortable since it'll be a major change in my daily routine, but I have warmed up to some of my co-workers in my group, and I have gotten a lot of work done for my first two days, so I'm not unhappy with where I am. Though....I will miss talking to my close online friends everyday....but I still weekends and holidays, so there's that. But I'll admit, I would like to have different job someday in the future, and a place called "The Wellness Center" might help with that.

I'm saying this because due to me working 5 days a week now, I'm gonna be less active than before. I'll still upload a picture or journal now and then, just....not as much as before. I know that I still have some requests to well as a picture I'm planning to do for a friends birthday....which already passed. I just hope he understands.....I'm also gonna slow down with my anime watching. Not just because of work, but I'm thinking of putting more time into my gaming, since there's A LOT of games I've been meaning to play. So if there's an anime you would like or have recommended to me...please be understanding that it might take a while.

The second thing I would like to bring up is....I'm currently working on a new batch of OC's, and they'll be for another series I'm planning to do besides "Aspie Circle". Of course I'm gonna do more than one series. Don't wanna be a one hit wonder.

Now :icongiss-chan: recently reminded me of a series concept I thought up long ago and ever since, I've been trying to develop it. The basic premise is this. A Chicago-in girl named Caitlin Gail has been struggling with getting over her parents divorcing, and other trials and turblulances in her life. Due to her high grades, she gets a scolarship to a special university in Seattle, where her mother has a childhood friend live with her when she flies over there. While there she meets some new well as a special object that might change her life forever.

It'll be similar to something like Steins;Gate or Higurashi where it's your basic slice of life show with a few sci-fi or supernatural elements thrown in, and will have a flowing story-line. The farthest I've gotten is coming up with the characters and their names, and developing two of the designs. I have yet to come up with a title and what supernatural object Caitlin obtains.

So, wish me luck with my new job as well as what I'm currently thinking up. If you do, thanks a bunch!



United States
Hi, I'm an aspiring artist and writer. I'm hoping to start a manga-esque graphic novel series about the lives of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

Here are some 10 random facts about me.

1. I have aspergers syndrome. But don't worry, I don't use it to excuse being a jerk, which I'm usually not.
2. I have a Christian background, but I consider myself more spiritual than religious these days.
3. I don't judge people for their race, belief, sexuality, etc. Just only on their behavior.
4. One series that I'm planning on making a manga-esque comic series is centered around people with certain disorders, mainly autism. And you can find most of the characters I created in my gallery.
5. My old username was "haruhiandkanonfan917", but this was back when I was hugely obsessed with those two animes, and I wasn't really creative with usernames. Now my username is based off my hair style and my anime fandom, and the 917 is based off my birthday.
6. I have my fetishes, but they're more moderate and normal compared to ones that are just gross or obscure.
7. I also love different kinds of animation besides anime. Like hand-drawn, stop motion, computer animation and more. One other art form I love is puppetry, mainly with Jim Henson.
8. My mentality was pretty different in 2011, but nowadays I'm more calm and respectful.
9. Aside from two titles, I'm not that into modern cartoons. Mainly because they either suck or don't interest me. Or the fact I rarely watch TV these days.
10. If you wanna do an Art Trade or Request, wait till I make a journal taking them. But unless I'm going through an art block, you can ask for one anytime.



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