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So I'm sure most of you know that one concept I have involving characters with Asperger Syndrome. Well, I feel like I should've empathize that not EVERY single character in this planned series is gonna be autistic. There will be a fair amount of characters that are normal functioning, being NT's. NT meaning Neurotypical, which means people who aren't in the Autism Spectrum. Just to have something for the Aspie characters to play off of and see how these two different sects clash or even learn from each other. So here's the list of who's Aspie, or NT.


1. Ashton Crawford
2. Jay Wilson
3. Christopher Thornton
4. Max O'Donnell
5. Professor Neil Edwick
6. Michelle Evans
7. Abigail Lillis
8. Bernard Harvey
9. Kurton Coleman
10. Ayori Richards


1. Annie Edwick
2. Yesuka Thornton
3. Andrew Lillis
4. Lucy Lillis
5. Cynthia Sheh
6. Nurse Gillian Sheh
7. Ian Coleman
8. Nerry Werry
9. Mini Annie
10. Doug Ulicki

I bring this up because lately, I've been starting to think that my cast is kinda lacking in the diversity department. Mainly in terms of age, race, and how they are mentally. The reason I made most of them in high school is simply because this series will be loosely inspired by my upbringings as an Aspie, and the friends I've had that shared the same disorder. Plus, the point of Professor Edwick is to mostly play as an allegory to how most famous people have been speculated to have autism and made a big difference in society regardless. I'll try to add diversity to where each one is in the spectrum, (Since Autism can vary) or the many traits that an aspie can have, and the many different interests and hobbies they could have, and I might come up with other characters that could vary in terms of age and race, but for now, I'm just gonna stick with what I know.

Hope this explains a bit more with what I want to do.



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Hi, I'm an aspiring artist and writer. I'm hoping to start a manga-esque graphic novel series about the lives of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

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Hi (again, sort of). I've just noted your reference to Asperger's, and the idea of a "manga-esque" graphic novel re Same.

Good one! All the best, dude!

BTW, not all Aspies are young. Spare a thought for the more 'chronologically-endowed' amongst our number. Maybe create an OC who is a 63 year old eccentric ex-science-fiction writer, ex-actor, steampunk cosplayer and amateur graphic artist who restores antique furniture in his spare time.
They do exist!    
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