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A few months back, Jacksfilms did a YIAY called "The Suggested Videos Game", where he tries to go from one topic to another by going through different videos through the recommended videos section. When he tried "Fidget Spinners to Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong", he came across a video called "Top 5 Parents Who DESTROYED Their Kids Electronics". Out of morbid curiosity, I watched that video afterwards and....was both amused and disturbed with what I saw...seeing these parents act berserk and destroying their kids consoles, phones, or computers just because they either got bad grades or were disobeying in some other way. I'm not just talking about the Top 5, but also these compilations where they got the footage from. Now granted some were proven to be actually fake, but the ones that weren't....damn were they hard to watch. And even the ones that were fake, they did a pretty good job making them convincingly real.

Which gives me the this good parenting? Because I don't think so. Yes it's important to punish your children when they do something bad, but this is just taking it too far. Maybe just take their phones or consoles away from them, and don't give them back when they learn their lesson. It's especially kinda stupid on their part because....those things cost money. Like A LOT of money. So when they're throwing them on the ground, smashing them with hammers, or setting them on fire, they're also throwing away the money that was put into them. So yeah...jokes on them. But I'm here to talk about examples of families that seem....very broken and messed up. Starting with one user called "Violette1st". Now this is a women who films her VERY dysfunctional family destroying each others stuff. Like her son William lighting his dad's car on fire (I'm NOT joking), or his dad lighting his XBox on fire while his brother takes and ax to it, having William tied up to watch it in horror.....I wish I was making this up. This sounds like a really bad adult cartoon but it's not. This is a real family, that films this kind of twisted shit for YouTube, and the wife does nothing other than film it on her camera. Not even trying to attempt to stop her crazy family members from doing what they do....

Then there's this other guy called "Showboat Da Savage", who's probably best known for a video where he destroys his son's XBox for supposedly stealing. Now apparently this son of his stole candy from his siblings, so he was set up, and was given a choice to either keep his XBox, or get whipped by a belt. He chose the latter...which lead to the dad running it over with his SUV. Yeah...pretty extreme stuff. Yeah he was teaching him a lesson, but someone made a point that the kid really did nothing wrong, and he was just being a narcissist. Now, whether this can be proven or not is up for debate, but then we have ANOTHER case where it's total narcissism and cruelty......DaddyOFive.

Just saying that name irks me. I thought John and Kate Plus 8 looked hard to watch, but DaddyOFive managed to be even worse. Hell, his videos make Family Guy look wholesome! Basically it's this cruel white trash dad who (Along with his wife) abuses his kids by playing mean pranks, accusing them for stuff they didn't do, and have their children beat either other up! I wish I was joking, but I'm not. It's especially disheartening hearing two of the kids ball their eyes out. Their pain felt very real. And yes, this is another case of parents that destroy kids consoles in front of them, and when they're not, they STILL prank them by making them think they destroyed one, only to say it was a decoy and bring out the real one...that's still pretty mean! Now THANKFULLY people called them out and the original mom of two of the kids got back their custody, and ALL of those videos have been taking down. But I really doubt that those two morons really learned their lesson...

It was watching these cases of bad parenting and child abuse that....really reminded me how bleak and dark this world can be. Seeing how awful some families can really be to one another. Now...when/if I ever have kids, of course I'm not gonna do all that stuff. Two things I really hate doing is wasting money and scarring people for life....though this even kinda makes me fear parenthood. Because of the slight chance I might be hard on them at one point or another.

Kinda a weird and dark topic for a journal's just been on my mind for a while, and I just needed SOMETHING that could get some feedback. If you guys have something to say that is....



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Hi, I'm an aspiring artist and writer. I'm hoping to start a manga-esque graphic novel series about the lives of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

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